We're getting married

October 22, 2016 / St James' /Clerkenwell


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October 22, 2016


Our Story


Andy and Abigail met 11 years ago in beautiful Durham. 

Abi, a young impressionable fresher, arrives to meet her college parents for the first time. A long running tradition where unsuspecting first years are paired with second years prepped for an evening of boat races, fish bowls and a night out education.

With about 70% of Durham graduates going on to marry fellow students it would be nice to say that the rest is history but, as Abi stood waiting to be adopted, it became apparent that her parents were a no show.

But never fear dear readers, it was however meant to be. It turned out that Andy had spent the evening interviewing one of Abi's favorite bands and all was forgiven (eventually). Night after night of general music snobbery and dancing in Studio, selected floors only, sealed the deal and now here we are.

Please help us to celebrate the match making skills of Hild Bede College with yet another evening of pretentious pop, dubious drinking rules and the most questionable dancing Islington has ever seen. 


Wedding Details

The ceremony will be at St James'  Church followed by dinner and drinks at the beautiful Old  Finsbury Town Hall in Clerkenwell. Dress comfortably, and come prepared to dance!


The "I Do's"

2:00pm – 3:00pm
St James' Church,
Clerkenwell Close, 

The Afterparty

3:00pm – 12:00pm
The Old Finsbury Town Hall
Rosebery Avenue

Abigail & Andy Pre Wedding HR 0018.jpg


Being in London there are a lot of different places to stay within close proximity of the venue. It's best to travel to the church either on foot or by taxi as there is not enough parking around the church to accommodate all of our guests.

The church and reception are within walking distance of Angel tube station and about a ten minute taxi from Kings Cross St Pancras.

Below is a selection of well-reviewed hotels at various budgets. We recommend booking hotels sooner rather than later as our wedding is during half-term and rooms may book up ahead of time.

Hotels near the venue

2.5* travelodge london farringdon

3* Premier Inn angel

4* Hilton angel islington

4* zetter hotel

4* zetter townhouse

4* MALmaison

HOTELS near Kings cross

3* premier inn london st pancras

4* pullman st pancras

4* megaro

HOTELS NEAR euston station

3* PREMIER INN euston

4* thistle euston

4* the wesley



Thanks to Debs Ivelja for supplying (almost all of) these beautiful photos!


Abigail & Andy Pre Wedding HR 0030.jpg





Our John Lewis gift list number is 681150. Please note this list will not be available until 10th September.